Isis Khalil

Isis Khalil has qualifications and experience in financial counselling, training and assessment, finance, and teaching across primary, high school and university levels. She speaks Arabic and understands the culture due to her Egyptian heritage. 

Isis describes financial counselling as the most rewarding work of her career. She is passionate about equality and justice and is naturally empathetic.  A very fulfilling aspect of her role in financial counselling is representing her clients, and advocating and negotiating with their creditors to achieve an outcome that both relieves and empowers clients to reclaim control over their finances.

At MYST she endeavors to improve the lives of financially disadvantaged children and young adults by working with families to improve their financial health as well as educate and empower the younger cohort to break inter-generational financial hardship and poverty cycles.  

She has experience working across all age groups, from children to adults, and can vary her approach, method of engagement and content to support the needs of the group she is working to serve.

When she is not working, Isis can often be found with her husband and their friends in a pub somewhere in Sydney listening to live music, or at a theatre watching a play. She loves all the performing arts.