Music Room

MYST has created an amazing soundproof music rehearsal space within our Katoomba Youth Centre which local young bands and performers can access for free and use as a rehearsal space to help them develop their craft and launch a career in music.

Complete with drum kit and bass guitar and all the essential equipment, the MYST music room promotes creativity and self-expression by providing a dedicated and safe space for young people to explore their creativity through various musical instruments and equipment. The music room offers opportunities for youth to develop their musical abilities by practicing playing instruments, singing, and experimenting with different styles of music.

Building their confidence and self-esteem, young people are performing and sharing their musical creations in a supportive environment and harness the talent of young musicians.

When used as a group space our music room encourages the youth to work together, collaborate and learn from one another, fostering important social and interpersonal skills.

The MYST music room is a safe haven, offering an alternative to engaging in risky or negative behaviours by providing a constructive and productive activity to engage in.

This space was established with the help of Blue Mountains City Council, Local Blue Mountains Rotary Clubs, Katoomba Music and Future State Studios.

Complete the registration form and you will be contacted by a MYST Staff member within 7 days regarding the next steps: Download Form Here