Sara Dynes

Sara Dynes has worked for MYST since 2009 in a number of roles supporting young vulnerable people, and has attended TAFE and Charles Sturt University with degrees in Social Work and Applied Mindfulness.

Sara has always seen MYST as an innovative NGO that supports young people in progressive and creative ways. She hopes to use her years of experience and ever-growing knowledge to continue down the path of MYST’s ever-evolving support. It has been such a pleasure to see the organisation provide some vital support to niche gaps in service delivery and observe over time the impact it has had on the lives of the young people we work with and support.

Though her job means a lot to her, self-care and travel have always been an essential part of Sara’s world, and she’s often setting out on another adventure travelling the world. Though her newest and greatest adventure is having a little baby girl to keep up with!!!