Mia Jones

I’m currently completing my diploma in community services and have begun a youth work role at Myst at the beginning of 2024 assisting with drop ins and breakfast club. Connecting with the Youth is important to me as I grew up in the mountains and understand the need for a safe space for young people.

I am a dedicated, empathetic, passionate young person aiming to connect and empower the community by helping individuals and families reach their goals. As my study comes to an end (in 2024), I am excited to begin my journey within the local communities and gain experience in the community services field.

In my day-to-day life I enjoy spending free time doing creative projects and activities with markers, paint, and collage. I use photography as a way of exercising my love for nature combined with creativity. Growing up in the mountains I have a love for adventure and exploring, I believe in the benefits of exploring free-minded in nature and using this as exercise.