Kate Greenham

Kate Greenham joined the MYST team in 2023, as the manager of Outdoor Explore.

Kate’s skillset combines a Post Graduate Degree of Psychology Advanced with a Diploma in Outdoor Recreation, completed here in the Blue Mountains. Kate has over eight years experience providing services to people in a bush context.

Kate strongly believes that the bush is a great place to adventure, explore our surroundings and ourselves. Kate understands that the meaning of adventure is unique to the individual and is passionate about creating a safe space for people to engage in adventurous, nature-based activities for self-discovery to occur.

Kate has experienced her own personal growth through adventure, in particular rock-climbing. Through rock-climbing, Kate found friendships and community, qualities she liked in herself and a connection to nature, which Kate reports grows stronger every year! Most often than not, you’ll find her searching for orchids. Kate love’s their uniqueness, the challenge of finding rare and uncommon things and their amazing facts. Kate also loves hearing and learning about what others are passionate about.

If Kate is not out in the bush, you might find her playing guitar, reading fantasy/adventure novels or watching the latest series.