Indigenous Programs

Preservation of culture and traditions: Our Indigenous youth programs incorporate traditional teachings, practices, and language, helping to preserve indigenous cultures and pass them on to future generations.

Empowerment: Our programs give indigenous youth a sense of pride, identity, and belonging within the Blue Mountains community, helping to build confidence and self-esteem.

Education and skill-building: MYST’s Indigenous youth programs provide educational opportunities, leadership training, and skill-building activities that can help young people succeed in school and in their future careers.

Mental health and wellness: Our programs incorporate the use of a yarning circle to provide a supportive and safe environment for indigenous youth to discuss their struggles, seek help, and learn coping strategies for dealing with trauma and other mental health issues.

Community engagement: MYST’s Indigenous youth programs often involve community service projects and events that help youth connect with the Blue Mountains community and build relationships with elders and other community members.

Preventing substance abuse and crime: By engaging indigenous youth in positive activities and providing them with mentorship and support, our programs can help prevent substance abuse and involvement in criminal activities.

Building resilience: Through cultural teachings, traditional practices, and community support, our indigenous youth programs help youth develop resilience and coping skills to overcome challenges and adversity.


Overall, MYST’s indigenous youth programs play a crucial role in fostering the well-being, cultural identity, and success of indigenous youth, and contribute to the overall strength and vibrancy of indigenous communities.

If you need an Indigenous Program please reach out to MYST so can we can specifically design a program for your cultural needs.

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