Ensuring a smooth transition through challenging environments

Transitioning through challenging environments can be an arduous journey, especially for young individuals coming from foster care, juvenile justice systems, or other difficult circumstances.

Good news is that with the right support in place, this transition can become a stepping stone towards a brighter future.

For young people transitioning from foster care, juvenile justice systems, or other challenging environments, case management can provide crucial support during these transitions. Our case managers assist with finding suitable housing, employment, educational opportunities, and teach them the necessary skills to thrive in their new circumstances.

A MYST case manager provides young people with personalized support and assistance tailored to their specific needs and circumstances. The case manager works closely with the individuals to develop a comprehensive plan that addresses their unique goals, challenges, and aspirations.

Our case managers act as the central point of contact and they help young people access healthcare services, educational programs, employment opportunities, mental health support, housing assistance, and more.

MYST case managers serve as advocates for young people, ensuring their voices are heard and their rights are protected. Our case managers are equipped to:

  • Navigate complex systems
  • Address legal issues
  • Mediate disputes, and
  • Empower young people to make decisions that serve them best.

Our Early Intervention Case Management program helps young people set short-term and long-term goals. Whether it is pursuing higher education, vocational training, stable employment, or independent living, our case managers provide guidance and monitoring to help them stay on track. Participants learn how to build essential life skills, such as budgeting, time management; and develop essential life such as increased self-confidence, independence, and resilience.