Suneet Jain is an accomplished finance and risk leader with 20 years of distinguished corporate experience in the banking and financial services industry, having held senior leadership roles in India and Australia. His strengths lie in developing a positive risk culture, driving business transformation and financial analytics within commercial decision making, all with an eye to achieving organic growth of a business. Suneet is passionate about striving for sustainable value creation by being outcomes focussed, deploying effective risk mitigation strategies and talent development.

“Today’s youth are our nation’s future leaders, it is incumbent upon us to be the pilots of their youth journeys and to guide them. MYST’s support has a profound impact on Australian youth and the expansion of the organization through increased funding, programs, staff will only improve its outreach to the ones needing support. I am looking forward to my association with MYST and making a real difference in the lives of Australian youth”. 


Joined April 2024