Street Art Walk Terms & Conditions

Application Guidelines

  • You must be 18 years or over to apply.
  • You must complete an Application to Paint Form and be issued with a signed Approval Permit prior to painting a mural.
  • Signing the application form verifies that artist/s and/or community group/s agree to comply with all terms and conditions stated on this form and the Approval Permit.
  • Unauthorised murals may be removed and vandalism will be reported to Police.
  • Mural art sites are for the creation of a piece of artwork in a street art or graffiti style.
  • Work that has broad appeal and displays advanced technical skill is encouraged
  • Offensive work is not permitted. Offensive means any material that most would consider racist, sexist, contains crude language, depicts highly sexual or violent images, or contains a person’s details.
  • Offensive work will be removed as soon as possible
  • All murals painted in the Street Art Walk are to come under Street Art Mural’s Copyright Agreement contained within the Approval Permit.
  • Advertising murals are not permitted. Please note: placing personal or the organisation’s website or blog address in the mural is appropriate.
  • Street Art Walk Management reserves the right to change the status of the murals or make changes to these guidelines at any time.

Street Art Walk Information

The Katoomba Street Art Walk is not a legal wall open for all street artists to paint. The site is designed to show case community murals or the work of senior individual artists. Only artists or community groups with an Approval Permit from Street Art Walk’s Project Management Team may paint the mural sites. A permit is only valid for the mural site listed on the permit.

Approval Process

Once this Application to Paint is received, the Street Art Walk’s Project Management Team will review the application for suitability. If the application is deemed a suitable and desirable, a curatorial and safety assessment will be undertaken. In some cases the Project Management Team may request additional information from the artist.

In most cases applications will be processed within one week. If the application is successful the Project Management Team will issue the artiest an Approval Permit.

Artists with Permits are taken through safety procedures and the Police are notified on your behalf. Painting without a permit, or painting outside the dates and mural sites specified in a permit is consider an act of vandalism and may be reported to Police.

Street Art Walk Management reserves the ability not to grant permits if:

  • If Blue Mountains Cultural Centre or Mountains Youth Services Team key project staff are unavailable for a short period of time, due to leave or any other reason.
  • If sections of the applicants application form are missing
  • If the murals, concept, or scale are not compatible with the Street Art Walk’s vision

Street Art Walk Map-Please indicate wall you wish to paint on: