MYST Key Dates & Events

MYST is back to delivering face to face individual support, case management & counselling services. Call 1300 00 6978 or email

MYST is running programs in schools and Drop-In at our Youth Centres.

Are you are in isolation and need a ‘care pack’? Let us know: 1800 00 6978 and we can deliver one to you if you live in the Blue Mountains.

MYST is also still offering Drop-in but it looks a little different now, Call Skye on 0490 532 309 if you want to book into Drop-In at Katoomba on Wednesday or Friday or call Paige on 0490 347 778 if you want to book in to Drop-In on Thursdays.

Enneagram Workshops

MYST is running The Enneagram Workshops which gives answers to the question ‘Why do others see things differently?’

The Enneagram is a popular method of self-understanding that is based on 9 distinctive personality types. A better understanding of your own personality type, & those in your family or those you interact with, will enable you to communicate better with others.

Find out more via the MYST Enneagram page.