What We Value

Think of our values as the guiding principals or the code-of-conduct upon which MYST operates on a daily basis. Our organisational values will tell you something about our view of the world and we treat others including our employees, our clients, etc. Most importantly, our values serve as the foundation on which tough decisions are made.

  • We are a Team

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    We are a team: One team. No exceptions. We are a group of strong and diverse individuals unified by a clear common purpose.

  • Our Clients Define Us

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    Our clients define us: Every decision we make and every action we take is defined by our goal to improve outcomes for our clients.

  • We Are Servants

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    We are servants: We are funded by public money. We stake our personal and professional reputations on the efficiency and effectiveness of our work.

  • We Are Not Alone

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    We are not alone: We are an integral part of our community and our community is an integral part of us.

  • We Evolve Fast

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    We evolve fast: We take risks and confront failure openly. We recognise and repeat success with determination. We actively seek out and provide constructive criticism.

Good Vibes

Vibe represents the emotional side of the organisation. Like all emotions, vibe can be fairly volatile and is highly influenced by outside factors. When it comes to vibe, the organisation can certainly set a tone and try to lead by example, but the reality is the vibe at MYST changes with time as we grow and the environment around us changes. The biggest influence on vibe is typically success, and like most organisations that are doing well, MYST tends to have an overall positive vibe.