Our team of experienced staff work intensively with young people and families who have complex and critical needs. Care and support includes emergency practical assistance, ongoing case management, home visitation, family support, court support and advocacy. Intensive individual and family support workers use a range of targeted interventions to provide care and support to clients with complex needs.

Clients with high and complex needs typically have severely limited capacity to resolve or overcome the issues impacting their life. Because we are able to provide intensive and targeted support, individuals and families with complex needs receive a level of support that is proportional and appropriate to their level of need.

Without this service individuals and families with high and complex needs would experience increased periods of crisis with little or no capacity to resolve the crisis. This would in turn place a greater burden on primary service providers within the justice and health systems.


The adolescent counselling service is provided for individual young people who are experiencing difficulties in their life and for young people and their parents who are having conflict or other relational issues at home. Counselling is a supportive process where the counsellor and the family develop better outcomes for everyone involved. Counselling is aimed at preventing crises, reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, cultivating positive behavioural change and improving the quality of life.

For many young people the idea of going to counselling is undesirable prospect and loaded with negative connotations. By integrating our adolescent counselling service into our other relationship based services we successfully break down the barriers to accessing counselling services.

Because we support our clients to attend counselling via assisted referrals, more young people are accessing the social and emotional care they need to maintain healthy interpersonal relationships and good mental wellbeing. Without this service there would be less young people in our community accessing appropriate standards of care.

Case Managment

The Glue Factory is a rapid response and care management service for any young person aged between 12 and 24 with a focus on young people experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Case workers support clients with a range of issues including accommodation, health, income support, access to education/training/employment, alcohol and other drugs support, mental health support, recreational resources, life skills, legal, parenting and general welfare support.

Because we are able to provide this service, young people are able to access a range of accommodation options in a timely manner and have the opportunity to address the underlying factors that have led to homelessness. Without this service we would not be able to provide crisis accommodation, which would put already vulnerable young people in further danger (by virtues of having to find accommodation in unsafe environments), and we would miss the opportunity to provide ongoing and additional support.

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Individual and family support with Jim p. 0423 485 873 e.
Counselling with Sue Huehn p. 4782 6562 e.