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MYST is first and foremost a team, and the strength our organisation and our ongoing success is wholly attributed to the individuals who makeup that team.

From the members of the Management Committee who wrestle with the tough decisions of strategic direction, to our administrators and our passionate staff who work to support each and every young people day after day; we are proud to be Mountains Youth Services Team.

As a Team we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve the lives of the young people we support.

We understand that good governance and a strong dynamic organisation will create the best possible environment for our staff to work and grow.

We recognise that partnerships are integral if we are to support our clients to achieve the best possible life outcomes.

Partner with us to advocate for young people and to extend the opportunities and choices that are available to them.Damian Cooper, Manager

How Young People can participate at MYST

How you can participate in how we provide support to you:

  • Attend meetings and have a say
  • Talk to your youth worker and carer about what you want
  • Write a letter to be read in the meeting if you’re not attending o Talk to your youth worker about the things YOU want on your
  • plan.
  • You have a right to participate in planning

How you can shape your own life:

  • CONSULTATION: sharing your views with someone involved in decision about your life
  • DECIDING TOGETHER: being involved in decision making
  • ACTING TOGETHER: sharing power and responsibility for decision-
  • making
  • SUPPORT: being supported to make independent decision

Your ideas about the system are important:

  • Have your say about what’s working and what’s not working in disability services at MYST
  • Join the Friends of MYST as a young person and participate in surveys and focus groups
  • Contact the National Disability Insurance Scheme Independent Advisory Council.

  • Not happy and want to complain?
  • You are always allowed to voice your opinion! o If something is bothering you, you can talk to your youth worker, carer or call MYST on 1800 40 50 13

Youth_Worker_of_the _Year
Youth Worker of the Year 2014 - Jarrod Wheatley