Innovation & Excellence

class="fa fa-lightbulb-o fa-3x fa-pull-left fa-border"> Mountains Youth Services Team exemplifies innovation and excellence.  In the last six years we have transformed youth services in the Blue Mountains, resulting in an organisation and a service system that is arguably the best in NSW.

We develop award winning programs that are recognised throughout the sector, we have pioneered social enterprise initiatives that have grown into successful nation ventures, we have showcased our work to royal visitors and our staff are repeatedly acknowledged as being among the best in the state.

Jarrod Innovation Expert

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Street Art Murals Australia

Street Art Murals Australia is a social enterprise, we exist to support talented street artists and build a more inclusive society. We have charity status, which means you get great value. We have the most legally sound product on the market, providing headache free services for all our clients

Street Art Murals Australia (SAMA) acts as the link between you and talented street artists. We created professional street art murals for over a 100 clients such as: Pfizer and Rail Corp and Pie Face.

Formed in 2008 as the Blue Mountains Street Art Collaborative, SAMA’s scope has steadily grown.

Professional Individualised Care

The PIC model places one young person with one Professional Therapeutic Carer (PTC). This matching is based on the young person’s needs and resources and the PTC’s professional concept. The young person lives together with the PTC, but unlike foster care the PTC has the professional skill set to respond to high need behavior and young people with trauma background.

The setting offers the young person a genuine relationship in a family orientated environment. This can only be achieved in an environment free of shift workers moving in and out of the young person’s life. PIC is able to provide both the care & therapeutic environments in one setting.

Ask A Youth Worker

Ask a youth worker is a website and downloadable application (app) that allows young people to ask questions anonymously to youth workers and receive an answer via their chosen preferred option.

Not So Straight

This website contains plenty of info for everyone, whether you're heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or just asking questions you're sure to find something interesting.

Not So Straight is a website specifically built to help young people find information and support about sex and sexuality. A lot of people find it hard to talk to each other about sex or their sexuality, especially if people think you are different.

This website will help you find lots of information and will show you lots of other places (both online and in the real world) that you can go to for support, advice and information about being gay, lesbian or bisexual.